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Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 7:56 PM


TV shows stored on DVR won't load while streaming on Xfinity App

Sometimes I can start watching my recorded TV shows while using the Xfinity App, other times the show won't even load and I get an error saying that I can watch on Demand (including commercials, skipping commercials is why I recorded the shows in the first place.) If I don't finish watching a show and try to continue later or if I fast forward the commercials while streaming, the show won't load and I am told that I can watch it on demand. (Is this how Xfinity gets us to watch commercials?) This happens when I use my laptop or phone. It's fine if I use my TV. The beta version wasn't great, but this version of the app is so much worse!!

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2 years ago

Hello @user_d14424! Are you receiving any error codes within the app when the recordings will not play? With mobile devices make sure the recording has not been previously checked out to another mobile device. Access the Saved tab from any TV Box.

  • By selecting the specific recorded program in question, the customer should see a Downloaded message located where the Watch on DVR option is typically located.
    • This will confirm the asset has been previously checked out to a mobile device.
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