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Friday, December 2nd, 2022 3:53 PM


​I cable TV with the main tv cable box, phone and internet with comcast modem . Looking to turn in the TV box and replace with ROKU and replace the comcast modem .​

​As a test the Tv box is disconnected and I am watching TV on the Xfinity streaming App . Seems to be working fine .Some question follow .​

​Does the Xfinity app data usage count towards my monthly data usage limit ?​

​How many devices can run the app at the same time on my home network and away from home ?​

​Is it worth doing away with the TV box to save $10 a month ?​


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4 months ago

Using Xfinity Stream on your home network will not not count toward your data usage.

Be aware that having a real TV box is different. If you have DVR, you get Smart Resume when you FF on some shows/networks. You also see the video change as your FF or REW. The Stream app does not do either of that.

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