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Sun, Jan 6, 2019 1:00 AM

Streaming Syndicated Shows

On Xfinity Stream would a filter for show pages be possible? Similar to "Free to Me" like on the main page of the Stream site or on TV listings. If I go to Seinfeld's page on the stream site there is no filter. So I sift through nine seasons of episodes to find which ones are in syndication and are free. Nice feature of Comcast is being able to watch random episodes of whatever show is in syndication, this used to be simple to do, now it is a slog. Before I'd get show page with current episodes available to watch. Now I have the entire series available to buy at $x.xx/episode. No problem with having that option but problem with not having access to the ones in syndication.
Something is either broken or changed, also. After going through seasons of episodes with the Dollar Sign Purchase Option next to them I get to the ones on TV now in S5: Glasses, Puffy Shirt, Mango, Dinner Party, Marine Biologist. Those are in rotation on TBS. There are three horizontal dots instead of the Dollar Sign Purchase Option next to these but when I click the dots I get the same "Buy Now" dialogue as any other episode. Thought it was a bug and clicked through but it starts asking for my PIN.
My best guess is that this has something to do with readying the Streaming app for Smart TV use where more users will be forgoing normal Comcast TV service for internet-only streaming. Hopefully something will be implemented so that those who pay for TV can watch episodes that are being aired on-demand in the streaming app without being charged.
I'm not sure if the issue is similar on the X1 box if I go to the show's on-demand page.

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