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Sat, Jun 18, 2022 2:18 AM

Stream Delay/ quality is bad

Im trying to watch the Mariners (bad team I know) but I'm so far behind with a bad picture quality compared to my phone. My phone looks so good and is faster than my PC that I try to stream on. 

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Hi @user_049b68, and thanks for reaching out to us at the Xfinity Digital Care Team! Thanks for letting us know how we can help and haha, not a bad team, I was a Reds fan for a long time. Sorry to hear you are having noticeable quality differences between your phone and PC and I'd be happy to provide some assistance. 


Are you using an iPhone or Android? Also, are you trying to stream using the Xfinity Stream app or are you attempting to watch the games using a different app/program? 

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