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Mon, Jul 1, 2019 1:00 PM

Stream Beta on Roku - Incorrect Aspect Ratio on Locals

My parents recently setup Xfinity service at their summer home with a Double Play (Blast! + Extra) and opted to use their Roku 3 instead of a STB, which is connected to a newer 1080p HDTV. The service for the most part has been working well with this setup, but we noticed there's a few locals that have the wrong aspect ratio.

Now, they're on the Monticello, IN cable system which is sort of orphaned as far as TV DMAs go, so they receive a spread of Indianapolis, Lafayette, South Bend, and Chicago locals on the system. The bulk of the locals are fine and have no aspect ratio issues at all. However, two locals would appear to have some aspect ratio issues---the Lafayette CBS (WLFI) and South Bend NBC (WNDU). On the CBS affiliate, both the lower numbered and higher numbered 1000 block channels are permanently pillarboxed (as if it was a 4:3 channel) and it's actually cutting off both the left and right sides of the screen (you can tell as the news chyrons are cut-off). On the NBC affiliate, it's both pillarboxed and letterboxed, creating a postage stamp effect on both the lower numbered and higher numbered 1000 block channels. While we can overcome the postage stamp effect on the NBC affiliate by using the zoom option on the TV (albeit, with significant image degradation) there isn't a way to remove these pillarbox bars on the CBS affiliate, as it would seem those are being added on the feed that's coming in.


Does anyone know what would be the best way to go about getting someone to look into this? I can't imagine STB users are experiencing the same aspect ratio issues with these two channels, so I would have to think that it's something with feed conversions for Stream.

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2 y ago

Hello andrewscott87. We appreciate you visiting and posting on the Xfinity Forums. Are you able to have them log into and ask them to select the channels that are presenting the Aspect Ratio issues on the Roku App, to see if the issue occurs from our website view of these channels? 

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Did Comcast ever fix this for you? This is actually happening to customers with STBs as well. I have an X1. I've been dealing with this since earlier this year when Comcast made a change to its menus. I didn't change anything onmy end. I've found other threads with people who have dealt with this same problem out of the blue (i.e. cut off sides, shrunken picture, etc).


After several months of back and forth, and several Comcast reps trying to blame my TV for different reasons that were ultimately wrong, the last rep attempted to tell me that this is the networks' fault and happens with the use of Active Format Description (the rep incorrectly called it auto format descriptor). But, I found out elsewhere that this can also happen when a cable provider doesn't honor AFD programming requirements. The rep also attempted to upsell me to HD. Any information is appreciated.

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