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Wed, Mar 16, 2022 9:50 AM

Samsung TV XFINITY Stream Beta Not Working

TV updated. Deleted and reinstalled XFINITY Stream Beta app - still not working. Message says app will only work on XFINITY in home network. I only have one in-home Wi-Fi network and that is the network my television is connected to. Tried restarting the TV unplugged it deleted and reinstalled the app. TV is running the most updated firmware. Restarted my router which is the Xfinity XB7 model. All of these efforts have not worked. Xfinity Stream app working perfectly on my iPhone. Samsung TV is the only issue. All other apps work perfectly on the TV Netflix Hulu HBO max Apple TV etc. Only problem is with Xfinity Stream Beta app. Please help.



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2 m ago

I was having the same problem. I spoke with a Xfinity rep yesterday and he solved the problem I’ve had for 4 days in a few minutes. I was using my phone to sign in. But, because of my recent move to a new home it kept signing me in to the old account. So, i used my IPad and signed into the new address account. When I put the pin in to authorize it. It worked on all my Samsung Smart TVs. So, make sure you’re trying to authorize it using the right account.

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