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Mon, Feb 25, 2019 1:00 PM

paying for old episodes when you paid for the chanel/show

Why does Xfinity charge you to watch old episodes of a show, when you have the current season for free and you have already paid of the channel or show as part of a package deal. I don't understand this process? Its not even full seasons that are like this, some have only one or two episodes that coast money from a past season. I mean Netflix doesn't do that, Hulu doesn't do that, so why does Xfinity?

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2 y ago

It's the licensing deal with most of the networks and production companies. Recent episodes are treated a bit like DVR recordings, and assumed to be watched within a few weeks (some streaming service DVR's will autodelete after as few as 28 days, or don't let you record certain networks, or don't let you skip commercials!)

Netflix and similar are all 'free' because they buy the rights to all the OLD seasons, or they own the show itself.

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