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Monday, February 13th, 2023 12:00 AM

Must connect to Home WiFi

I am an xfinity cable customer and a corporate WiFi user. Up until 5 days ago I never had a problem watching tv via streaming. Now I get must connect to home-WiFi messages for live tv and all on demand viewing. Hello… I am at home trying to watch. I can’t help that the internet is paid via my company. When I call xfinity service it always acknowledged that I am a corporate account so why is that screwing my my access now? 


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4 months ago

Hello @user_9a59f6. I am sad to hear you are having issues with our Xfinity stream app steaming at home. It has been a couple of days. Are you still having issues, or were you able to get this resolved? 



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3 months ago

I just activated a new modem via the Xfinity app. Was an easy process and I was back up and working in less than 15 minutes. No other equipment changed, but I had this same error message while trying to view on my home wifi. I was able to view my modem in the app with the proper MAC address, but it still didn't think I was on my home network. 

After signing in/out, rebooting the modem and wifi router 10x, etc. the support team bumped it up the chain and they determined that my cable box needed to be re-synced to the modem in order for the network to fully "refresh" and recognize the new modem as my "home network". Whatever they did, that finally worked.

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