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Tue, Aug 11, 2020 11:00 AM

MLB Streaming

I have MLB through Xfinity and I use to be able to go through the internet to stream games on MLB.  However, Comcast is not listed as a vendor so I can no longer do this.  I went to TVonGo and MLB isn't listed.  Where do I go?  Thank you





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3 m ago

believe it or not, Comcast is playing catch up here with the MLB season. not only are users like me receiving errors codes on TV that prevent us from watching the game or recording the game or losing recordings of games, then we have the debacle with MLB.TV

someone is not doing his/her job and of course the customers have to eat it. good luck getting a reply or resolution!



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2 m ago

I'm just going to post on all the threads with these problems.

Oregon - first time I've ordered an add on package - MLB EI - watching live seems to be fine but the cloud recordings just don't function.  Skipping portions of games and every game I've tried to watch from the recording stops somewhere in the middle of the game and then is irretrievable.  Last night I recorded the LAD-SD game from both feeds and they both stopped in the bottom of the second then I was able to watch the rest of the game live but in real time it was in the 7th so the 2nd to 7th was lost to me.

Definitely an issue with the cloud recordings and not the boxes or connections and is also a problem with (judging from other posts) NBA and NHL.  There is also a post from a year ago with problems with the cricket channel recordings disappearing, another 3000 channel.

Should these options even be offered to consumers for extra payment if they are non-functional? How many people complain and get refunds and how many people just accept a faulty product?  I imagine it's a business decision that more money can be made from a faulty product because the vast, vast majority of consumers will not complain.

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