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Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 5:31 PM


Issues with Xfinity Stream on Multiple Devices

To anyone at Xfinity,

I recently reactivated Xfinity services at my address (Internet & TV). I purchased 1 DVR box and planned to use Xfinity Stream to access my in-home channels for other TVs via Roku devices.

My cable box is all setup and receiving channels, but my issue resides with the Xfinity Stream app on Roku. Everytime I authorize the application and attempt to access Live TV ON MY HOME WIFI, I receive a "TVAPP-00500" error code. I've also attempted to view channels ON MY HOME WIFI on my iPhone/iPad and am only able to see TV GO channels, without any filters applied.

I have called customer service at least 3 times, had 1 technician visit the home, had my case elevated to Tier 3 support, and still nobody has been able to assist me. I believe it might be an issue with an old Xfinity ID tied to my address - either mine or my grandmothers - that is sending conflicting information.

I do not want to do further troubleshooting, as I have done that with the customer service reps and technician, and I refuse to pay for 2 more additional TV boxes when the Xfinity Stream app is designed to operate in situations like my current household. At this point, I need to have the previous Xfinity IDs deleted or have any personal information linking them to this address removed so I can access my channels. Otherwise, I will be forced to cancel my TV service.

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1 year ago

@user_ps1j9d Thanks for creating a post on our Community Forums. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having these issues as well as not receiving the assistance needed. We can help look into the usernames and work to get this fixed for you. Would you please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address? 


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