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Tue, Jun 4, 2019 2:00 PM

iPHone6 connecting via Xfinity wifi app to internet

Hi,  I am new to smart phone technology (perfer flip phone or landline) & iPhone6.

To avoid excessive data charges, most settings are turned off such as Cellular Data.

My minimum usage requirement:  Wifi calling, Google search over Wifi network, avoiding Verizon network.

What I did:  Downloaded and installed Xfinity wifi iphone app on iPhone 6. After installation completed, found in Settings>General>Profile>Xfinity Wifi:  This app contains 4 Wi-Fi networks.  In More Details>(network 1) Wi-Fi Network(SSID):xfinity.com-ED...4799 Encryption: WPA2.   (network 2) Wi-Fi Network(SSID): xfinitywifi   Encryption: None.  (network 3) WiFi Network(SSID):XFINITY Encryption: WPA2 (network 4) Wi-Fi Network(SSID): CableWiFi Encryption: None

Question:  How to find and connect to the network 1, 2, 3, 4 SSIDs? 

I don't see them on the Home Screen (or right, left, dock and other screens) or under Settings>Wi-Fi under 'Choose An Network'.   

Tried:  Clicking Settings Wi-Fi>Other Network, a keyboard opened.  I entered the SSID 'xfinitywifi' in Name, with Security set to None, then clicked Join.  Error msg: Could not find the network "xfinitywifi"  Dismiss.   

I assume that my Xfinity login/pwd credentials have been saved in the Xfinity Wifi app during download - installation process.

Any assistance to connect to the SSIDs (I assume these are Xfinity public hotspots which I was able to connect from a PC) from my iPhone using Xfinity wifi app is appreciated.  

Thanks in advance.



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2 y ago

Hi, 4xforum! Thank you for reaching out to us via Xfinity Forum. In order to connect to Xfinity WiFi Hotspot, you have to be in a 100-ft range from the hotspot. You can view the closest hotspots on the map via the Xfinity WiFi Hotspot app. You can also connect to hotspots that are transmitted from residential Comcast customers' gateways. Due to security reasons, we can't provide locations of those customers but if you see the xfinitywifi network available and you are far away from the public hotspot - you are probably connected to the residential gateway. You can find more info here:




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