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Sun, Oct 6, 2019 8:00 AM

Internet Streaming

I was paying for Internet Streaming, because I travel a lot. With that I could watch movies and get on the Internet. It was working fine. I don’t have Home WiFi, because I’m not here!!!!! Why all of a sudden did this service stop working and who do I talk with to get my money back?????? I pay for it each time I use it, and once it runs out, it pops back up for me to pay. I refuse to autopay each month because it’s rarely been working. If I’m not getting a service then you should pay me back, don’t you think????? I’ve tried everything to fix the problem and I don’t even see my problem listed on here. Not everyone lives in their house and this was a great service!!! Why the heck did it work, but not anymore???? Pay up! Xfinity! And why don’t we expect you to give us back our money, if a service doesn’t work, you wouldn’t pay your workers if they didn’t work!!!! Either fix the problems we are having, or pay us back!!! It’s just common decency and good business.

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