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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 7:00 PM

"In Process" vs. "On Demand" just gave me a Huge Shock

Mostly a complaint: I want to watch The Next Episode of a series but accidently started streaming it mid-episode. I saw a horribly violent sickening scene that I'm probably never going to forget. I'm posting as I wait for my heart rate to go down. If I'd been streaming it On Demand I would have fast-forwarded it when I saw it coming. (I fast forward through hours and hours of content these days: boring fights, car chases, and shootouts, but especially human vivisection in all its forms.)


The problem is that the episode hasn't been released for On Demand yet, but I didn't correctly read all the interface clues.


I usually watch Netflix because the interace is much, much better and easier to use, so I'm inexperienced with the Xfinity interface. I'm gradually learning that On Demand is for the next day.


(Of course the real complaint is the increasing bloodiness and violence of our video content. I hate to think what it's doing to the minds of our young people.)


No one in power will ever read this, let alone respond, but just sayin'


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