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Wed, Jun 30, 2021 1:08 AM

How is it legal to require Xfinity internet to watch Xfinity TV thru apps?

Sorry, and i'm sure this has already been discussed, please point me in the right direction if already answered, but how can xfinity get away with this. I pay a considerable monthly fee yet am not allowed to utilize their streaming apps. Because I don't have xfinity internet, I can only stream TV thru the web app.



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3 m ago

If you have Xfinity only for TV, then you are limited to just linear and OnDemand cable TV, even with an X1 box. If you have Internet from a 3rd party, you can still use a separate box like a Roku or similar for streaming.

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thanks I will need to try that. I have a smart tv and the xfinity streaming app, but it seems to require xfinity internet in order to work. i assumed roku and any other streaming app would also require xfinity internet.

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Roku and other streaming apps need internet access, but it can be provided by any company.  I have a smart TV that plays the various streaming channels through my third party internet provider.


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2 m ago

Hi @doronbc ! Thank you for this question, it's actually a great question, and I'd be more than happy to answer.


@andyross Already brought up some great points. Thank you for that!


Adding on as well, you can use your Xfinity TV Subscription to access other apps if the broadcaster allows an Xfinity sign-on to do so. It's the broadcaster discretion when, where, and how their content can be viewed with a subscription from any cable provider, inside and outside the home. This includes the price and availability of On-Demand content.


The best comparison I can offer is the limitation of screen-mirroring that many broadcasters implemented as well. A great example being if I wanted to cast the video playing on my iPad on a Cartoon Network app onto my TV, that is usually restricted by broadcaster request or a pre-existing agreement between the broadcaster and the manufacturer/service provider/etc.


The Xfinity Stream app is available to all customers who subscribe to Xfinity TV. However, customers not subscribed to Xfinity Internet will only have access to TV apps and website content (i.e; Xfinity TV Go channels).


I hope this helps clear things up a bit! I've included some links with additional information. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions;


Available Networks to Live Stream In-Home and Out-of-Home with Xfinity TV


Watch TV Live and On Demand with Xfinity Stream


How to Access Network Websites and Apps


Xfinity Stream App on Xfinity TV Partner Devices FAQs




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2 m ago

On the Roku device you can only access the Xfinity Stream Beta app if you have Comcast Internet.  The app has access to a special internet channel that does not count against your internet usage.  Because the app knows your in your house it allow access to all the channels that a STB has access to.  In most parts of the county their is no additional charge for the Xfinity Stream Beta app on the Roku device. 

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