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Wed, May 5, 2021 1:04 AM

How do I search for the movie "M"

There are some movies with very short titles. One which I wanted to find, to see whether it was available under my Xfinity stream, is titled "M". This is a fairly well known movie by director Fritz Lang. I tried a number of ways to enter the title into the search engine, but each attempt either got no responses, or literally hundreds of false positives. Seemingly, the search engine was giving me anything it had with the character "m" anywhere in the title. A few of the responses did not even have the character "m", so I'm not sure quite what that was. In any case, my question is that if the internal Xfinity search functionality is so bad, which external search engine (Google, etc.) is most likely to lead me to what I am searching for within Xfinity's indexing?


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Hi there, @user_bc232d! Great questions! Thanks for bringing them to the Xfinity Community Forum. :) Mr. Lang directed lots of old goodies, many of which you can find on our X1 platform, but sadly not "M".


I think you'll find the X1 search function is actually super intricate and impressive once you learn some of the neat tricks it can do. :) If you are ever unsure about the search results you are receiving, try searching for other key words. For instance, if you search for "Fritz Lang", you'll see every movie we have available involving him. You can also search for specific actors, genres, or characters. To make it even easier, try searching using your voice remote. Just hold down the microphone button and say what you want to search for!


I also recommend searching the phrase "Teach Me More", for some great X1 tips & tricks. [Here](https://comca.st/33mqliX) is a great link that gives you a walk through of that feature. I hope this helps!


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... X1 search function ... if you search for "Fritz Lang", you'll see every movie we have available involving him ...

@ComcastLizzy : Note that the question was posted to the "Stream Website" forum, not X1. And for me, searching for "Fritz Lang" (with or without the quotes) at https://www.xfinity.com/stream/ produces a "No results found for 'Fritz Lang' " error message.

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