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Sat, May 25, 2019 4:00 PM

Fast forward tips for sports fans on recordings

I've taken to watching DVR recordings baseball, etc. on my laptop rather than on the TV, since I've discovered a feature (very useful but NOT featured in Xfinity "Tips" that I can find) that allows you to quickly FF 15 seconds between pitches, rather than the automatic 30 seconds.  Using the arrow buttons on the laptop, if you hit forward once (30 secs FF) THEN hit rewind once, it cuts the effective FF down to 15 seconds.  30 seconds is too long for some sports, so this is a godsend.  Also,  on the TV, the remote buttons are very stiff and hard to operate, then there is the appearance every time of the cursor bar, etc. that obscures the bottom of the screen (where the score, pitching count, etc.. are often placed).  To rid yourself of this requires three buttom pushes:  FF, Play then Exit.  VERY laborious when FFing thru a whole game.  The laptop buttons are a light touch, and there is cursor bar doesn't mask the score box as much, plus there is no momentary freeze as there is with the DVR operation.  Xfinity techs:  when you have such a valuable feature, why not tell us about it in a "New Features/Tips" section?  Also, how about an option on the DVR that doesn't call up the cursor bar as described above?

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2 y ago

Hi there, jackronner. That is a great idea. I apologize our feature is causing a hassle for you. Since it is working as intended, it can be a bit of time before an update to the feature adding different options for you. However, your feedback is very valuable. We are always looking towards our customers and their voice about features they like and don't like. 


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