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Sun, Jan 27, 2019 10:00 PM

Error when accessing TV Streaming... ftde.provision.accountMismatch



I am getting "Error ftde.provision.accountMismatch" when I try to access the TV Streaming. I have tried clearing browser history/cache/etc... and still experience the same issue. My current guess is because my login has two Comcast accounts linked. 


On a separate but some-what related note, is there a way to unlink or remove one of the accounts from my login? The two accounts are for current and previous address locations. Since I no longer live in previous address, I would like to remove/unlink that account to my login.


Thank you!

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2 y ago

I called Comcast billing twice today to unlink/remove old account from my login. Unfortunately, both attempts were unsuccessful in removing the old account number from my login.


First rep I spoke with was very helpful and stated the old account number should be removed once I re-login to comcast website. However, this was not the case. Second rep I spoke with stated this wasn't possible.


Is there another way to get this resolved?


Thank you.

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