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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 7:52 PM

DVR recordings - (1) tied to your home internet or to your account? (2) playback of DVR recording signal type?

After observing a recording of mine fail to play back in its entirety, I contacted the Xfinity executive team.  A few days later, they got back to me and said they need to send a technician to my house.  I do not believe this is necessary at this time and would waste the time of the technician as well as my time.  I asked that these questions be answered by Xfinity/Comcast engineers before they go to the step of sending a technician to my house.
Do any users here have any insight on either of these?
1) If a user successfully requests a DVR recording, and their home internet signal drops after the recording begins, but before the recording ends, would this cause an interruption in the recording?
2)  Is the type of signal which is used for watching streaming via the Xfinity webpage any different from the type of signal which is used for basic internet access such that the former could be filtered out while allowing the latter to still be accessible?
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