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Monday, March 20th, 2023 3:10 PM

Does Xfinity Stream Work For Anyone?

I am beyond frustrated with Xfinity on a couple of fronts...

1) My network/internet has gone down every freakin' day for the past week! It is beyond ridiculous that my network/internet goes down 5-10 times between 8am and noon but when I call or check the app they are baffled and can only say there's not an outage in your area! Then what the hell is the problem?!!!!! I work from home like many other peoples, this is completely unsatisfactory!! This is the second time this issue has happened with my network/internet, it was happening last month (Feb) for almost 2 weeks and miraculously I thought they manage to fix it but NOPE!!!

and 2) Now Xfinity Stream has not worked on any device (phone, laptop, Rokus, tablet, Ipad, etc.) for the past two days even when my internet is up!!! I absolutely hate Xfinity and cannot wait until AT&T or some other internet company is available in my area. How does this company manage to stay in business when they cannot deliver the services they offer?!! 

Is anyone else having these network/internet issues? Is Xfinity Stream working for anyone?


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3 months ago



Thank you for reaching out to us on in the Forums to share your experience. I can understand your frustration, and this is definitely not the type of service we want our customers to experience. Lets see if we can't get these issues resolved for you.


Have you done any troubleshooting on your end? Also, are you using a VPN?



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1 month ago

Xfinity stream works. But it's awful quality, like 360p. So watching any kind of sports is painful. It doesn't look like Xfinity is going to do anything about this. There is a giant thread about it here: 


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