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Thu, Aug 20, 2020 6:00 AM

Constant Streaming Resume/ No Customer Service

Xfinity Streaming app on both PC and Android phone constantly stopping to post "We're having an issue streaming (program name) please hold while we attempt to resume."  This message tells me this is an Xfinity issue NOT an internet quality, internet speed, or any other internet issue. I have contacted Customer Serivce many times and the representative "resets" my streaming app vowing this "reset" will clear the problem immediately and it will never happen again. Within 15 minutes of streaming, the interruption/resuming activity starts right back up. I get three SECONDS of streaming followed by over 90 seconds of buffering and "resuming". This buffer/resume occurs on every channel and in every part of the day and night. Other streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube) all work FINE with no buffering issues. This is CLEARLY an Xfinity/ Comcast issue. My next step will be to complain to the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, and any other consumer protection agency as this issue is clearly false advertising and fraud. We are all paying to enjoy streaming capabilities so loudly flaunted in every advertisement for Xfinity or Comcast. Customers are clearly not getting the service they are paying for. I encourage anyone else with this issue to not only complain to Xfinity but to other agencies that are to protect consumers from fraud. My complaints have certainly fallen on deaf ears, but as a Deaf customer I plan to make my words heard as far and wide as possible to light that fire of motivation and live up to their advertising claims. It is very disappointing Xfinity is engaged in Customer No Service tactics. 




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