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Monday, May 13th, 2024 2:57 PM

Constant buffering on Xfinity Stream app

I am starting to get really frustrated with the Xfinity Stream app. The constant buffering is just getting ridiculous, yesterday, every minute it buffers for about 10-15 seconds. I have the highest possible Xfinity internet connection available as far as download speed and my modem and WiFi router are top-end. Yesterday the hockey game was unwatchable through the XFinity Stream app on my smart TV ( LG ) until I downloaded the TBS app on my phone and connected to my Chromecast device. Using the XFinity Stream app through my phone has the same buffering issue.  I have zero problems with apps like Netflix, Apple TV, Prime video, etc. I am paying a lot of money for Xfinity TV and the Xfinity Stream app. Maybe I have to review this, if the issue is not fixed soon.  

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2 months ago


Pjjwelling, Thank you for reaching out to Xfinity Support. I know that it can be frustrating when there is a lot of buffering when you are trying to watch a show. That is not a good experience for anyone. We can run through some troubleshooting steps with you to get things working better for you. 


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