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Sat, Feb 23, 2019 10:00 PM

Another frustrating experience with Xfinity

Hello xfinity forum -


I seek guidance on how to use the website without becoming upset by the experience. I only use xfinity for the internet service due to my location, and watch content through my PC and TV (as a giant monitor). This means whenever I unfortunately choose to watch content from xfinity it is through the xfinity website.


Occasionally xfinity will offer other content that is not on netflix/amazon/etc. I check periodically, however watchable content is sprinkled with non-watchable content....and by that I mean you have to pay extra to watch it...or it is just not available...straight up (if you search for a movie, etc.) From a user experience perspective the user is then going to click on something believing they have access to it and then discover that oh, this is not available unless you pay X more, or sorry we have a link for it but it is not available at all.


I navigated ultimately to watching black monday. turned out to be great at least for the two episodes that I watched. When episode 2 ended, I clicked on episode 3...the mouse spun and a pop-up opened and I clicked it immediately. After I had clicked I thought oh wait...what was that popup? I thought it would be loading the show, but instead it was confirming that I want to pay $12/month for showtime. There was no other confirmation window or payment window...simply a box with 'enroll now' and that's it. There was no undo button afterward. I clicked around in my account details and nothing showed up with new charges. I then open up a chat service ticket. I believe I would be charged for showtime (or something else), yet I am unable to cancel it or find it anywhere in the account charged.


Panwar came to my aid pretty quick. His last note was that he was investigating my complaint about being charged and then my internet went out. Maybe about 2 minutes into it. I am now unable to communicate with Panwar. After a few minutes of waiting....I decide to unplug my router/gateway and plug it back in. In parallel I use my phone/app to contact someone at xfinity.

It took about 15 minutes of the robo operator to connect me with a human. Did not catch her name.


I had explain that my internet was out and she was beginning to trouble shoot it. However, my router/gateway cycle fixed the internet connectivity issue midway through the phone call and I then had to explain that my internet went out while in discussion with Panwar. The ticket with him was started due to a billing issue. She then said she would check my account, and she confirmed that I had not purchased anything and there were no new charges on my account. 


Feeling confident that I would see charges later, because episode 3 now plays instead of prompting a popup message...I continued state I believe I would be charged. The CS rep then said that she had found the charges under a work order. She went on to say that I will not be charged yet because the work order had not been completed. She also offered me a deal where I would not pay for a few months under a promotion. She then said she has closed/canceled the work order for Showtime.


Episode 2 ended maybe 60-80 minutes ago and instead of watching episode 3 I have had another furstrating experience with xfinity. Why is the website horrible? Why are users unable to see just what they have paid for? Why are users tricked into purchasing things...so easily through the user experience? Why was I unable to cancel or even see the service? It showed up no where that it had been purchased. Why did my internet cut out mid help ticket? 


If anyone points out the filter "Free-to-me"...this was enabled the whole time.







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2 y ago

I would upload a pic of the experience, but not sure how to use this forum buttons.


Filter set to free only. Blacklist shows up. Click it. And then you scroll down and you are able to procure each episode at the price of $2.99/each. Classical example.

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