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After moving Xfinity stream won’t work on apple tv

I moved last weekend and in advance let Xfinity know my new address.   Address is correct on my account.   I have 2 Apple TV’s. Different versions.   And neither of them work for Xfinity stream at the new house.     I have the same router    Same Wi-Fi name    
I have deleted the Xfinity stream app. And rebooted router multiple times.   I get stuck in the endless loop of.  Sign in.   Use At code.    Get error that stream can only be used on home network.      Any ideas     ???

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2 months ago

Hi, @user_wnazto. Thank you for reaching out. I hope all is well besides the current hiccups you have with the Stream App. I understand you recently moved, and the trouble started right after. I'm sure this can be a pain, but we'll do our best to help. Depending on the move, we may at times, need to create an entirely new account with a new account number. This may sometimes cause your old profile to not be fully linked wth the changes.
To check, I would visit the Xfinity ID Look up Tool  using your new address and information. You may see a default username was created, or perhaps it hasn't been created yet. Are you able to log in and view everything on the Xfinity App with this same username your currently using on the Stream App? 

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Customer service was able to get me squared away after 4 transfers and 3 hours on the phone.   
they originally created a work order to transfer the service and have a tech come to the new house.   Day before the appointment they called me and said the new house was already cabled and ready to go and no tech needed.   Somehow they didn’t close the work order and the work order being open left me in limbo with 2 accounts at 2 different addresses 

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