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Saturday, December 31st, 2022 1:18 AM


2 Step Verification NOT WORKING with streaming app

After spending a fruitless hour chatting about not being able to log into the streaming app, I discovered I couldn't even log into my main xfinity account on the PC.

System reported "unable to generate verification code"

It did email me a code that worked.

I disabled 2 step verification, now the streaming app lets me in...

FIX your CODE!



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3 months ago

For anyone else having this issue with an iPhone. I just switched to xfinity mobile and got a new iPhone 14. I also was not receiving the two step verification texts from xfinity and other apps. I searched all the similar chat questions and the xfinity mobile IT could not properly answer this question. I found the solution. Reset network settings. 

I had to reset my network settings and the two step verification began to work for all apps.  

On iPhone: Go to settings>general>transfer or reset iPhone >reset> reset network settings. 

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