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Thursday, May 5th, 2022 11:35 AM


Xfinity Streaming (Beta) drops my modem connection

Are others experiencing this problem?

* I returned my Xfinity wifi modem and tv box w/remote in early April 2022.

* Acquired my own wifi and voice modem (Arris, the same modem I was leasing from Xfinity)

* I transitioned to the Xfinity Streaming app.

* All was well for a few weeks then my TV connection was dropped (streaming still worked on my iPhone and iPad). Wifi was up and running, the modem was operating correctly, and I could connect to all the other apps on my TV, e.g. Netflix, MLB, Hulu, etc.

* This has happened twice within two weeks.

* At the TV I was prompted by Xfinity Streaming to "Sign in." I did, received a code number, followed the instructions and was placed in a never ending loop.

* On both occasions I then contacted Xfinity tech support and was on the phone with them for 45 minutes. Neither agent was able to solve the problem. They both seemed to be following the same script which ended by their recommending I schedule a Tech visit at home. Not wanting to incure the service charges, and feeling sure it's an Xfinity Streaming app issue I declined.


* At the Xfinity app, NOT the Xfinity Streaming app I found this link - "Got new equipment to set up?"

* I followed the instructions exactly as given to activate "your own modem" and entered my modem's MAC number.

* My modem reset/restarted.

* I went to the TV and once again Signed in, received a code number, went through those motions and the TV streaming connection returned.

* If this is a "bug" in the app it should be addressed. I shouldn't have to reactivate my equipment repeatedly.

* Xfinity should be aware of this problem, and their tech support people should know how to handle it.

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2 years ago

Hi, @user_711327. We truly appreciate you taking the time to post your experience on here. I apologize that it took as long as it did to find a solution and we really appreciate you posting that solution on here in case something like this were to happen to someone else. With that said, how is everything working at the moment? Seeing that your (owned) modem is now registered with the account, everything should stay running smoothly. 

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