Saturday, December 9th, 2023 6:11 PM

xfinity stream

My xfinity stream app is no longer working for some reason as it was working a day before. I have deleted and reinstalled. Created a new account and password. Disconnected and reconnected the wifi several times. The app opens but nothing loads.. no pictures of anything nothing. Nothing playing it just continuously buffers. It is also doing this on my other tv. All other apps open and run just fine but this app is not working. 

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4 months ago

Hello @user_9hyg2h, and thank you for reaching out to us about the stream app issue. I would be happy to see what is going on, and work towards fixing it for you. Does the app work on any other devices like your phones when you log it? Is the app on the TV's themselves or on a device like a Roku connected to the TV?

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