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Tue, Jun 21, 2022 7:14 PM

Xfinity Stream "Something Went Wrong" will not launch since 6/1/2022

Xfinity Stream no longer works on any of our ios devices.  Apple support did major troubleshooting and the issue is not on their end.

Apple seems to believe that Xfinity is not compliant w/Software Version 15.5.

I've sat on the phone w/Xfinity Support w/bad connection and poor english translation, NO RESOLVE

Xfinity we pay too much for poor tech support and no one knows proper troubleshooting. 

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Download Xfinity Stream > Launch > Login to Xfinity Stream
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Click <continue> on pop-up "Xfinity Stream wants to use xfinity.com to Sign in" screen
  4. New pop-up prompting user to "Sign in w/your Xfinity ID
  5. Enter Xfinity ID
  6. Click "Lets Go"
  7. Enter Password
  8. Click Sign in
  9. Theres a spinner that does maybe 1.5 circles and then "Something went wrong were sorry something unexpected just happened. Please try again" populates
  • I've deleted the app, re-installed countless times >>> Same error
  • I've tried other ios devices (iPhone, iPad, macbook) >>> Same error

    PLEASE ADVISE - This is Frustrating - Save the small talk and please fix the issue or at least respond w/o the "I'm sorry" we don't pay premium prices for premium sorry

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I am sorry you are getting that error message when trying to stream. Are you getting any error codes? 

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