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Tue, Feb 23, 2021 12:00 PM

Xfinity Stream doesn't work with Roku. But does with laptop

Xfinity stopped allowing me to use Xfinity stream on Roku and Firestick/ Android around xmas 2020.

I have happily used it for years. On Roku and Firestick. Nothing with my internal network has changed.

When I turn data off on my phone and use home wifi, I am able to use Xfinity app or website on my phone. The same with iPad, MacBook.

so the wifi def works. Same account and wifi used al the time.


I have tried wired connection and wifireless. I am connected to the correct network. (wired also doesnt work)

I have factory reset roku. 

I have installed app and then cleared the cache in roku(sequence of home, forward back words button i dont remeber)

Unplugged modem. reset Wifi.

I did have static Ips assigned to all of my devices. I decided to remove the static ip. (no reason i could imagine that this would matter. but at this point i would sacrify a chicken if it gave some hope.)


The issue is pretty obviously on Xfinifty's side. Remeber MacBook connects to Xfinity just fine and plays tv.  Roku is newer. I am using the same account all the time..


I have called Xfinity 10 times? patiently followed the same directions over and over again. Reset modem. They re-provisioned? my tv access.

Today I talked with a nice guy who deleted my modem and then re-added it. That was progress. I have been talking to comcast since january about this issue. I say that was progreess only because it was new information, a new honest attempt. I have been doing the same thing over and over again for a while now.. But nothing works..


An odd thing is that occasionaly i will get. a msg saying that I do not have TV(forget exact txt.  upshot was. i did not pay for tv) Cust service and my bill say i am paying.

Another odd thing is that more than once even on my phone which works 95% of the time, I was only able to stream NBC and homeshopping.


Any Ideas?



This is what shows up on the screen on the Roku every single time.


This device can only access Xfinity Stream on your home Xfinity Wifi. Use the app on your smart phone tablet or laptop to watch on the go anytime you like.

(Error: TVAPP 00101)



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2 m ago

Hello, @Stever68, I am sorry you have gone through all this trouble trying to get the Xfinity Stream app working on your Roku. I know this must be exhausting, especially since you have been dealing with this issue since last year. Are you able to post the model number of the Roku you are using? Do you happen to have another Roku or Smart TV we can test the app with? If yes, what type of TV do you use? (Make and model)


We have a dedicated team that will do all we can to listen and provide the best possible support over forums. If you send a private message with your name and service address we can take a close look at the service you subscribe to and potentially work with our advanced repair team to fix the issue. I just wanted to give you a heads up to be as efficient as possible. If you have never sent us a PM this link can come in handy. The "Private Messenger" section at the bottom is a good reference.

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