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Tue, Apr 2, 2019 5:00 AM

Xfinity Stream beta for Roku suggestions

I think xfinity stream on the Roku device could really be a great app - eventually.  I do have a few suggestions for improvements though:


  • the content in the live channel guide takes a long time to update as you look around.  Could some of that be preloaded and cached in the app so it is available instantly?
  • Can live tv channel guide start in favorites view or in the last view you used (instead of "all channels"?
  • Add “watch channel” option when clicking a show in channel guide view even if you are not in the currently live timeslot
  • Delete a recording requires 4 clicks down and starts in "recording options" - 2 too many and the starting point isn't exactly obvious
  • No preview of where you are during fast forward of recorded content - all other streaming apps have a little window that shows where you are in the stream while fast forwarding

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2 y ago

I moved your thread to the stream app area of the forum.

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8 m ago

There are 2 big improvements Xfinity could make on the Xfinity Stream Beta app:

1. The ability to replay and rewind live TV. Hulu Live capability is the best in that you can even start most live programs from the beginning.

2. Go to last channel watched when you select back.

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5 m ago

Also integrate with Roku Voice controls. Xfinity Stream can be a great app, but unless it meets or exceeds Hulu Live or YouTube TV I am going to be changing to them or another TV streaming provider when my contract is up.

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