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Sunday, December 18th, 2022 1:46 AM

Xfinity stream app will not load on apple tv

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​Connected in in-home wifi with xfinity gateway modem and orbi wifi router but unable to stream via appletv app.​

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​I have power l cycled my system. Removed and reinstalled the application from my system.  I have tried it on 3 different machines.​

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​No maytter what I try, it Keeps telling me to connect to in-home wifi   The problem is that I AM on my in-home Wifi!!​

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3 months ago

Hi @user_5d9c84 

I know getting this error can always be frustrating, and we want to be sure we can get it corrected. 


I'm going to attach a link below which contains really helpful tips on this error. If none of these steps help, please let us know! 




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