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Tue, Aug 3, 2021 1:22 AM

Xfinity Stream App on Sony Tv

I am not able to see the Xfinity Stream app available to download.  Is there a reason for it not being available on my Sony Android TV?

Model: XBR65A8F


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1 m ago

Hello there @user_b0a1e4 thank you so much for reaching out with your question about using our Xfinity Stream app on your Sony Android TV on our community forums. If you do not see the Xfinity Stream app or Xfinity Stream app Beta available on your devices options to download your model may not be supported. This is a great page to help with what devices are currently supported and what your device needs to be able to use the Xfinity Stream app successfully! [Xfintiy Stream app FAQ](https://comca.st/2VwzuES)



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12 d ago

Xfinity / comcast is a large and greedy corporation.  You can use the xfinity android app on any small screen, but they block it from android on large screens -- unless you pay an extra monthly fee for the unneeded box.  They also block screen casting it over.  Pay extra.

If you follow the above link, it will work on some LG TV's and roku's.  Otherwise?  Pay extra.

You can install the Penguin TV browser and manually install the xfinity APK.  You can then skirt around and watch android app TV on your android TV.  You will have to manually update the app every couple of months.

If having to pay extra to watch TV based on screen size bothers you, remember that when you vote.  The prior FCC chair was a telecom lawyer who maximized profits for the telecoms / ended net neutrality.  The new FCC chair is more consumer related, to the point that Telecoms are trying to stop them.  Vote for pro-consumer, anti-telecom monopoly candidates.




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11 d ago

I made an error:  Install the Puffin TV browser on your android TV. 


Then download and install the xfinity app apk manually. 


If you need to install the apk, open it with a program such as FX file explorer, and it will install


Install / Open the xfinity app and enjoy.

If you dig around with search terms, you'll see you're not alone and xfinity has no plans to give up the extra money by trying to force you to rent the box if you want to watch on a bigger screen than your phone or tablet.


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