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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 2:00 PM

Xfinity Beta app on LG TV problems

So, I've been using the app for about a week now. I get on the app and watch a little live tv. I noticed the channels I was watching aren't in HD (I have HD channels available to me). Didn't bother me much. Well, I'm watching the Harry Potter series on this app and I immediately noticed the difference from the night before. Wierd thing is, it would he HD for like two seconds then it went to some 480p. I already deleted app and reinstalled it. My router is about 10 feet from my TV and I know I dont have an Interner problem since I've been using the app without a problem. What's going on? App problems or what? Sorry for being so long


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7 m ago

I have the same issues on Samsung Q8F   series.



I use to have a workaround that worked.  Sign in/Sign Out TWO TIMES, and then all the HD channels will re-appear.


If that doesn't work you'll need to contact Xfinity Support to resend signal to your account and they will give you some bogus excuse that it is related to the TV app losing communication to your modem which is not accurate at all.


FYI.. you will go through this circus multiple times a month..  I'm 3 months in with no permanent resolution

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