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Saturday, May 7th, 2022 12:49 PM


Xfinity app freezes

I have the same issues with the app

i have returned 2 fire sticks so far and no change 

I have installed numerous times with no change 

Does Xfinity have any solutions for this? Seems to me I am not the only one who has this problem and feels Xfinity should take some responsibility for this

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2 years ago

Good morning, and Happy Monday, @user_c07ad1

Thank you for reaching out on the Community Forum. I am sorry to read of your freezing issues in the Xfinity Stream Beta App.

You may find the below article helpful in addressing your concerns.


Also, you may find some SUPER helpful information, here, in the existing discussion - https://forums.xfinity.com/conversations/xfinity-stream-website/xfinity-stream-app-freezes/61acc82f76baea4aa19fe348

If we are using a wireless streaming box or smart TV, this article on Improving WiFi Network Performance should provide some great solutions.


If none of these articles assist in clearing up the issue, I invite you to please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address, and we will be happy to assist you further.

To send a "Peer to peer" message:

Click "Sign In" if necessary

Click the "Peer to peer chat" icon

Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon

Type "Xfinity Support" in the "To:" line and select "Xfinity Support" from the drop-down list which appears. The "Xfinity Support" graphic replaces the "To:" line

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