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Mon, Jan 25, 2021 12:00 PM

X1 Stream app airplay to smart tv.

My Samsung smart tv has a multi view feature (PiP). I can watch Cable tv in one window while the other is used to airplay almost any app from my iPad to the other.  For example, you've got the NFC championship tv broadcast from Comcast playing in one window and a movie from the Prime Video app air playing in the other.  The one app that doesn't seem to work in this scenario is the X1 Stream app.  This would be very handy for having two cable tv programs on screen at once.  But when I try and airplay the X1 Stream app I get the Chanel guide but as soon as I select a program I get the licensing error attached below.  And yes I know I could just have the iPad next to me streaming the other channel, but this is a great feature of the smart tv showing you these programs side by side and you can switch the audio back and forth.  I don't understand why this is a licensing issue if I'm an X1 subscriber.  

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3 m ago

Airplay isn’t a capability of the app (never has been),

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