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Sun, Oct 4, 2020 6:00 PM

Want to Screencast from my Xfiniti Stream app (android) to small projector

I bought a small projector to use in my backyard.  Netflix works fine with my screencast app.  Problem is when I try to screencast a sporting event from Xfiniti Stream, I get a message that HDMI and Screencast is not supported.  I am not trying to charge people... just want to sit on my deck and see the sporting event on a screen larger than my Android.  Is there a work-around.  Can I watch Xfiniti Stream on my PC, then HDMI out to the projector?


Anyone ever wrestle with this, and win?






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5 m ago

You'll have to use a Google Chromecast I use the third gen but if you want more of a smart TV like experience you may want to get the Google tv Chromecast. As long as your projector has HDMI that accepts a video and audio signals you should be okay but remember Chromecast has to be powered by the electric grid or a generator and connected to the internet Wi-Fi network and Chromecast uses the Google home app. once your Chromecast is all set up and named you could push the casting button on the Xfinity stream app and then the Chromecast and the Wi-Fi interacts and sends the live or recorded signal to your HDMI port for viewing and or audio services or both in the case of live TV.

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