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Mon, Mar 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Unauthorized Devices on my Xfinity Stream App

I am very concerned about unauthorized devices accessing my Xfinity Stream app.


There are two devices that access our Xfinity Stream account regularly and were making hundreds of dollars in unauthorized purchases.


We have changed the password and added a purchase PIN.

The devices are no longer able to make purchases, but they are still streaming.


The issue is that if a device is already logged in on a provisioned device, changing the password doesn't log them out and make them re-sign in.


I have contacted Xfinity 6 times about this asking for all devices associated with my account to be deprovisioned. I have also asked to remove all current streaming device authorizations from my account.


No Xfinity support - either via customer service line, security concerns line, nor virtual chat - has been able to help.


Anyone out there have a solution?


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1 y ago

Hello, I have deprovisioned your devices on this account. Everyone accessing this account will be required to log back in. Please ensure you have updated your password.



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2 m ago

Good Evening, i am having the same issue and not sure where to remove all devices myself due to there being unauthorized devices using my stream app as well. Can you help me ?




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2 m ago

Year old dead thread now being closed.

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