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Tue, Sep 8, 2020 10:00 AM

TV APP 00116 error

Boyught a ONN roku Tv for my garage....  running off an netgear extender.   signla is excellent....  hulu, netflix, roku tv all work.....  downloaded the Xfinity beta stream app and i get the same error over and over....  I have unistalled the app.. shut off tv  and reactivated the device several times.....  the channel guide loads fast but it never connects....  was on phone with xfinity over 2 hours yesterday...  they suggested i contact Roku... does anyone have any other solutions?  I have 1 X1 set up box in my home..  and we have 3 other smaller boxes...  we only stream in my daughters room  maybe late at night she uses it....  help!!!!





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9 m ago

moved thread to the stream app area of the forum.

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