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Wed, Jun 29, 2022 8:48 PM

Trying to cast the TV go version of a movie on Chromecast

I can watch a TV go movies and shows on my phone by starting the stream on mobile data and then switching to Wi-Fi that has no commercials, then when I push the cast button to stream to Chromecast (third gen) it starts the movie or show over again with a new stream selecting one of the "in-home" versions with Comcast and its Network providers like FXM inserting the commercials. I specifically wanted the TV go version to continue playing on my larger tv/monitor screen exactly from the point I left it off from the exact same stream that includes the TV go version.

Why do you even allow people to select one of several streams versions when you get overridden by Chromecast anyway? I selected TV go I want TV go not a stream with commercials. I like TV go versions of movies and shows on VOD because they're shorter and commercial free or limited. By the way I'm using a third gen Chromecast. If there's only one version of a movie or show stream then I wouldn't get upset because everybody would be equal. 

When I select TV go, TV go version doesn't load up on Chromecast. Don't give me some bull about being in your home network that's just because you want to insert commercials to make more money. 

What I am saying is TV go versions of VOD programming aren't being cast to Chromecast.

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2 m ago

Hello @Jeffery-Pa07161 , thank you for reaching out via our Xfinity Forums. We do not have a say in when or what commercials are played during a program no matter what way you choose to watch something, except when you are watching a program that has been recorded on your DVR because you are able to fast-forward past them. The following link if an FAQ for streaming on Chromecast. Please reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. 

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