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Fri, Sep 13, 2019 11:00 AM

Suddenly Stream App on Android Showing Black Screen Playing Back Of Some Recordings

I have been using the Stream app on Android for years now - often to watch recordings I have made of professional bike races which take place in Europe and are too early to watch live on the west coast. Generally, this has worked well for watching on Android devices. However in the last two days (since 9/11/19) there have been insurmountable problems.


I have been recording a series called Vuelta Espana which is a 3 week long bike race. I have done this annually for years. Until 9/11, I have happily watched the first 2 weeks of recorded daily programs on my Android devices. But since then, when I play back newly made recordings all I see is a full screen, black window without any sound. If I tap the screen, the progress bar and program title show and I can watch/move the progress bar. So it appears the program is streaming to the device normally. It is just that there is no picture and no sound!


On the exact same devices, previously recorded shows of many types playback just fine. So this does not seem to be a general failure of the app. And I have found that I can playback these same recordings just fine using both my Xfinity cable box and via the Chrome browser on my Windows 10 computer. So it is not that these streams are somehow corrupted or bad.


I have many Android devices with Android versions ranging from 4.4 to 5.1 to 7.0 and the exact same thing happens on ALL of the devices. I have the most up to date versions of the app on my devices. I have tried streaming both from home on my Xfinity wifi and away from home on other wifi. In the past these have always worked just fine. Just not now. And not with these recordings.


I have read many complaints about this app on this forum. However, none of them seem exactly like (or close enough to) this problem. So I am making this new post.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues? If so, any suggestions? If tech support is out there reading this, can you please help?






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