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Wed, Oct 23, 2019 10:00 AM

Streaming App on Roku and all mobile devices not working

I am a new Xfinity customer, and ever since I signed up on October 19th, the Streaming app has not worked. It works on my desktop PC in browser, my Macbook Pro laptop in browser, but that is it. ipad, iphone, Kindle, and Roku won't work. ipad, iphone, and Kindle all have 4 random channels (Sky News, Cheddar News, Cheddar Business, and TasteMade), but Roku says my account doesn't have a TV package at all (which is untrue) and does not even display those 4 random channels.

I have called tech support several times and got this issue escalated. I finally got a call back 4-days later, and the tech said this is a nation-wide issue with the app, which has been an on-going issue for several weeks, and no timetable is given for its fix.

I have spent numerous hours with tech, the person who signed me up, his manager, chat support, etc. to no avail. If this problem isn't rectified, I think I will have to cancel my service within the allotted 30-day window.

I have refreshed the system several times; both the cable box and the Xfinity X1 router/hub.

Does anyone have any more details?

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2 y ago

Finally got this issue fixed. I called Comcast one last time, and asked to speak to a Xfinity app tech. They wouldn't contact me directly, but I believe the reset my stream entitlements. Took about 15 minutes, but now the app is working on my Roku, ipad, iphone, and all other devices. I just had to speak to the right person!

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