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Sun, Dec 13, 2020 7:00 PM

Streaming app not working with wired connection

I have a Samsung QLED smart TV and installed the streaming app. My wifi router (I have comcast internet service at home) is close to the TV so I have connected the RJ45 cable to TV. Wired connection should be any day better than wireless right? But every now and then the app does not work. Simply shows three blinking dots and the message "Something went wrong. Try again Error TVAPP 00100" Tried the usual routine of unstall, reinstall, disconnect, reconnect, reset network several times. Samsung firmware is up to date. It works whenever I re-install the app, but turn off the TV and turn on again and goes back to error mode. I have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube and a few others on the same TV and they all work perfectly. Anyone knows the remedy? 


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