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Sat, Jun 27, 2020 7:00 AM

Streaming app new version turns itself on while on phone or dictating

I will be watching Xfiniity stream on my iohone ios13.3.1 and I will pause it to take a phone call or dictate a text message. The app will start on its own and bleed into the phone call (only I can hear it) or interfere with my dictation of the text message.


This means I have to do a hard close to stop it from auto engaging. If I am on bike, and someone calls me, I have to pull over to close the xfinity app so I can talk on the phone. Basically, I cannot keep the app open anymore in the background as it INTERFERES with whatever is engaging the microphone.






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3 m ago

Coming up on a year since this message posted. Any responses???? I have the same issue and it looks like 716 other people have viewed this issue....probably because they experience the same thing. I've even tried talking to the folks at the Xfinity Store in person and can't get an answer. Will this ever be fixed? I use Stream app extensively to watch TV. Any time I get a phone call it is always a hassle to figure out how to silence the app so my phone conversation is not disturbed.

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