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Friday, April 16th, 2021 2:28 PM


Stream App Stopped Working After Installing Xfi Gateway

For two years, I have been using the Xfinity Stream app on my Roku, iPhone, iPad, and computers without incident.

My setup consisted of both a Netgear modem and a Netgear/Orbi router that I own.

Yesterday, I replaced my personal modem with an XB7-T leased from Xfinity.    I configured the XB7 as a gateway, connected to my own router.

Everything worked perfectly from the time I installed it until I went to bed (~6 - 11 PM).   The internet was solid, and I was able to use the Xfinity Stream app on both my Roku and iPhone.

This morning, none of the TV Streaming apps work: they all tell me I need to be connected to my home WiFi.

The internet remains solidly connected.

I spoke to an agent, and we tried the following, all to no avail:

- "refreshed" my account

- log out of xFinity app everywhere, log back in

- uninstall app on iPhone, reinstall, log back in

- restart XB7

- reboot iPhone

- reboot Roku

- reboot router

- restart XB7 again

All devices are connected to the same wifi network they've been using all along.  

The agent said that an "application specialist" will be contacting me to discuss this further.  I am awaiting that call now.

The only thing that changed in my configuration was the modem/gateway. Clearly, something at the Xfinity end changed overnight. 

Has anyone else run into this, and what was your solution?

Thanks in advance!

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3 years ago

I believe I fixed the issue myself, unless by pure coincidence a problem at Comcast was resolved at exactly 5:30 pm CDT on 4/17/21.

I am posting this in excruciating detail in case anyone else runs into this, and hopefully Xfinity/Comcast will take note of this and add it to a knowledge base.

When I did the self-install of the Xfi gateway via the Xfinity app, I gave the Xfi's wifi network a different name (HomeNet2) than my existing wifi network (HomeNet).  Once setup finished, I connected to the Xfi's wifi network (HomeNet2) and it worked fine.  

Since I wanted to use my existing router and network, I logged onto the gateway and turned on Bridge Mode using these instructions, thus turning off the Xfi's wifi.  I connected the gateway to my personal router and after a few minutes everything came up on my existing network (HomeNet).  All good.

When I looked at the settings at Gateway > Connection > Wifi on the gateway's control panel, I saw everything greyed out, but the HomeNet2 wifi configuration was still there, just not editable.

I thought for a while about the error I kept receiving from the Xfinity app: "you are not on your home network."   

Then it hit me:  Xfinity thinks my "home network" is called  "HomeNet2" and not "HomeNet." 

I went back into the gateway's control panel,  took it out of Bridge Mode, and changed the name of its wifi network to "HomeNet" with the same password as my existing network.

I immediately received an email from Xfinity that said "You've changed your wifi name and/or password" and referencing "HomeNet" as my "Wifi name."

Since my devices already knew about that network and password, they all connected to the Xfi and I opened the Xfinity streaming app.  It worked.

I put the gateway back into Bridge Mode, rebooted my personal router, and everything started working again, including the Xfinity streaming app.

Moral of the story:  when a customer self-installs an Xfinity device, they should always use the same wifi name and password that the customer currently has in place, even if they are not going to use the wifi on the Xfi device.

Hope this helps! 


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3 years ago

I also am unable to use the app right now.  I had an old ipad which used an old version of the streaming app.  It worked for most things but due to the ipad IOS not being upgradeable it had limits which I understood.  I just bought the latest ipad, upgraded the IOS and before and after this the app still will not work.  It loads up everything in text so all graphics missing and than when I try to watch anything it times out.  Everything else works on the ipad.  Interestingly enough I tried the old ipad and got the same result.  So, is this app stream down ? Thanks.



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I spent a couple hours with an agent this afternoon and he indicated there's some "authorization" problem going on with the streaming service as I write this.   So I guess no streaming for a while.  

It's making me revisit whether I should keep my TV package with Xfinity or go to something like YouTubeTV.




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3 years ago

Bumping this post in case someone sees the same issue.

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