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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 8:26 PM

Stream app freezes on Samsung Tab S3

​Have multiple devices (Tablets) that stream fine, however at some point an update or something caused issues with my Samsung Tab S3 (SM-T820) running Android 9​

​Other stream services on THIS device are fine but any channel selection from xfinity stream the video pauses frequently making it unwatchable for nearly everything.​

​connection and speed for internet are fine, in fact speed tests put this device at top of list, but ability to stream thru comcast is a failure for watching TV.​

​ ​

​Searches find other posts about this issue on this site, closed with no resolve.​

​had to remove the Tab S3 from service in kitchen as a TV due to this issue and sub in an older/smaller tablet​

​not pleased.​

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5 months ago

Hello @user_d3dafb I am sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble on your tablet. How long have you been experiencing this issue? Have you removed the app completely from the tablet and add it back? 



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4 months ago

Several months with this until just got too annoying and switched to a older smaller device for use

Now we experience that when waking up THAT device to watch tv

we get sound and closed caption but NO picture until we close the app, then restart it,

then wait and wait and wait for app to finish loading so we can select recently watched channel

Do the app developers actually use their product? I would love to educate them on the user experience waiting time!!

Back to the Tab S3....streaming is NOT repeat NOT an issue with other stream services

just for the xfinity app

To answer other Q.  yes.  have uninstalled / reinstalled several times along with a tablet reset to day 1 and then updates

sorry for long delay, really didn't think about checking back couple days later


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Are your streaming issues on only one channel or all channels?

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