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Samsung QLED awful picture on live broadcasts

I recently bought a Samsung QLED and installed the Xfinity App. The tv has updated firmware and is hardwired with a CAT6 Ethernet cable. I’ve been in contact with Xfinity tech support. I’ve had 3 different techs out to my house still with no resolution or care for that matter of my situation. I have had nothing but internet problems since day one.  I’ve made dozens and dozens of calls to tech support. 
My Xfinity app on my brand new Samsung only display in 720 at best. Mostly it’s a resolution I would describe as between 480p and 720p but much closer to 480. Live broadcast and sports are almost unwatchable to the point where I think I need glasses or I’m having a medical emergency with my vision being impaired.

ive had to download and at times purchase the other apps like Fox sports, Peacock, ESPN+, Paramount+ and NFL+. 
I’ve had other issues with channels where there is a sort of rainbow effect where there are trails of colors. I watch a program on the History channel that the characters wear orange safety vests. There are blotches of orange and red “Ghosting” that happens from scene to scene(not continuous). I’ve downloaded the History App where the issue doesn’t happen. 
All of the picture issues happen on the Xfinity app. Though the other TVs in the house use Roku sticks and the picture appears to be clearer, they are not. It only seems that way because they are in other rooms where natural lighting is different. 
Techs and representatives have told me to return the TV and/or get a Roku or even buy/ the Xfinity stream box to fix the issue. I’ve tried all of those devices throughout the house. With the same issues. 
is there any fixes to this issue or am I going to be forced to cancel service and go elsewhere?

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Good evening @user_5kidxy. Please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address and our team can further investigate. 


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