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Fri, Nov 25, 2022 12:01 AM

Roku stick/xfinity stream

From September to December for

the past 3 years. I've been having the same issue. You can call or

speak to all the techs at Comcast. It won't resolve the issue. Every year after 4-5 tech, one tech will take the initiative and restart my account if I were a new customer to reset the your acct features. For some reason the xfinity acct reset itself thinking you have only mobile features only. All my live tv features go from over 200+ channels that would say numbers with hd channels to 85 and only say tv go. I don't even want to talk

about the roku stick. No live tv available only features that works that's already featured on the app. So I believe when xfinity do their annual maintenance they updates messes with packages feature or setting on these apps. Yes when Ive login it says 200+ channel with sport package but when I'm on the roku stick that's connected to my tv or mobile app on phone the features are gone until one brave tech decides to reset your acct. it's sad and very disappointing that I'm watching thanksgiving football and your  xfinity streams apps on the roku stick resets itself. I don't believe I can take this [Edited: "Language"] anymore 

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