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Thu, Dec 10, 2020 8:00 AM

Re: TVAPP-00281 Error

I am getting this same error on the iPhone app and on Firefox (on Mac OS X 10.16) as well:


This Video Cannot Be Played

We've run into a problem while streaming Airdate: 12/10.

(Error TVAPP-00281)

Customer Service Diagnostics

    Build number: 7
                          OS: Mac OS 10.16
               Browser: Firefox 83.0
      Flash version: 0
                    Status: in home
       Entitlements: tve-vod, cvod, clinear, transactions, tve-linear, est, cdvr
  Last fingerprint: cloudtv_web_polymer_6.6.0_prod_1607618741765_56110
 Stream provider: primetime
                 Video ID: tvgrid/listing/2005864612101600109/detail/?channelId=6600041644139097104
              Stream ID:,2013:channel-station:7485918386997917117:chNum:1111:callSign:CNNHD#stream:format:HLS
             Error code: TVAPP-00281
      Error aux info:
    Video Provider: 1111 CNNHD
       Video Source: TVListingDetail
            Video Title: Airdate: 12/10







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