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Monday, December 25th, 2023 8:00 PM

Paramount + Essentials Subscription issue partially unsubscribed.

I tried signing up for Paramount Plus on an X1 box.  It did not complete.   Talked to support and they said they removed.  Now it is in between.   Want to sign up with different email.  Under manage Apps and Subscriptions Paramount shows only Launch or Resubscribe unlike Peacock which shows Launch, Change Plan, or Unsubscribe .  Paramount says Paramount + Essential Annual subscription will end on 11/27/2024.  If you choose Launch, options are Sign up for Paramount +, watch free episodes, or sign in.  If I choose sign up, it says uh-oh, the user associated with this account or address already has a Paramount + subscription.   I can't sign up because no matter email I put in it says incorrect user name or account.  I spoke to Paramount at length.  They have no record of anything for me.  They say this is definitely an xfinity issue that has happened before and to contact xfinity.  I have contacted xfinity multiple times without anyone knowing how to resolve this.  I understand that this maybe unusual or challenging but an xfinity employee should be able to resolve this.  The Paramount + was cleary not properly unscribed in the system.   I should not have to wait a year.  Resubscribe is showing from 11/27/2024 through 11/27/2025.  I am not being billed.   If I truly want Paramount +, I do not want to have to switch providers and leave xfinity.  Does anyone have ideas for an answer?  Appreciate your input in advance.

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5 months ago

Hello, @user_fb1e91. Thanks for reaching out to our Community Forums. It sounds like you have tried the normal steps to cancel the Paramount+ Subscription by going into Settings, Select Apps & Subscriptions. That is the general area to cancel streaming apps tied to the X1 TV box. We can try from our side, or enter a ticket to have it taken care of for you. Please send us a direct message. 


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