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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 4:30 AM


Lag help when app is on Firestick or Roku device!

3 steps to help reduce lag on the app when you're using a Firestick or Roku device. It's not the wifi, I have gig speed.. its the devices themselves. They top out at 25 mbps and xfinity app is sloppy. It's too busy with the channel guide and live tv channels menu. Recordings will still lag but not as bad. And if you pause em for 5 seconds they'll play for a few minutes unless there's something like a cell phone nearby using the same wifi. 1st thing is to go into firestick or roku settings and manage installed apps. Force stop any open app (the useless ones can have data erased but not the ones like Netflix or Prime Video because youll have to deal with re-downloading or forgotten info unless you wanna go thru from scratch.. now on the xfinity app, go left and scroll down to the cog wheel and hit ok or enter for the settings menu. Scroll til you see playback preferences and turn this off. It will still freeze or lag, but not nearly as frequently or as long as before. Remember speeds dont matter with most streaming players.... hope this helps 

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