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Friday, January 5th, 2024 7:43 PM

gateway/router + Dlink router

I have comcast modem/gateway/router running "wifi guest"  network with minimal security using subnet x.  I plugged in my dlink router into one of the 4 available ports on the xfinity gateway and run  "wifi home" with dlink providing security using subnet y.  Essentially my "wifi home" routs up to "wifi guest" it routs and then leaves the gateway and goes out to the comcast network and routs again and so on.  My first question is am i facing degraded performance on the "home wifi"/wired network?  I realize it has to route at least one extra time but really how much overhead are we talking about, what am i missing? second question is if i enable maximum security on wifi guest would that cause any issues on the "wifi home"/wired network.....more overhead?

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4 months ago

@user_2232aa The best performance for any kind of connection is directly to the modem with the device. So if you apply a router to one of our modem's there could be some degraded speeds, but overall, shouldn't be a large difference in connections and speeds. Have you noticed any issues with the devices connected to the guest wifi? 

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